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Archive books on the Nook

Barnes and Noble’s Nook e-reader makes it easy to keep all your favorite books and publications on one easy-to-access device. The amount of free space on your device can greatly limit the number of tracks you can physically store at the same time.

Method. 1 Archive books

1. Go to your library. The process of archiving a book on your Nook is essentially the same, whether you’re using a Nook tablet or the Nook app on a mobile device.
On a Nook Tablet, you can press the button that looks like an inverted “U” to bring up the navigation bar. Once you have done this, click on “Library” to go to your library.
On a smartphone, the fastest way to get into your library can vary. For example, in iOS you can tap right in the middle of the screen when you’re reading a book to go to the Tools menu, and then tap the option in the upper-left corner to enter your library. In Android, you can do the same or just tap the back button.

2. Tap the book you want to archive and hold your finger. Next, scroll through your list of books and find the first book in your library that you want to archive. Tap it and hold your finger. A menu of options should be displayed. You can release your finger when the list is displayed.

3. Tap on “Archive”. The “Archive” option should be at the bottom of the menu. Clicking on this will remove the selected book from your device and free up space for other books.
To clarify: You still own the book after archiving – archiving the book saves it in the cloud and does not completely erase it. You can easily get your books back after you have archived them (read below for more information).

4. Repeat as needed. Repeat the order above for each book you want to archive.

5. If you have problems, check your Wi-Fi connection. Archiving requires a functioning WLAN. Since the archived books are stored on a remote server until you want to access them again, the Nook needs access to the Internet to transfer these books to the server. So if you can not archive your books, the culprit is most likely your Wi-Fi connection. Check your device’s Wi-Fi settings again and, when you’re at home, think about resetting your router.

Method. 2 Undo the archiving of books

1. Go to your library. As mentioned above, archived content is not gone forever – you can get it back with a few simple clicks. To undo the archiving of books, go first to the library of your Nook. This is the same as the very first step you took to archive the content.

2. Access the shelf “Archived”. If you are in the library, tap on the “My Shelves” button. This will display a list of all your “shelves” – ie the different categories of Nook content on your device. Scroll down the list until you find the shelf “Archived”. Tap this to continue.

3. Find the book you want to get back. In the archived shelf, you will find a list of all the books you have currently archived. Scroll through the list and find the title you want to get back. Tap and hold your finger – a menu with a list of options should appear.

4. Choose Undo Archiving from this menu. If you tap this option in the drop-down menu, the book will be taken to the archived state and it will come back to your device. You can read it again, but it will also consume space on your device.
To find the no longer archived book, search for it in the Nook library.
Note that you can not retrieve all your books from the archive until you free up more space if your device does not have enough storage space.


Keep in mind that any future syncs will update your device’s book list with all the purchased content, except for the archived titles once you’ve archived a few books.


As mentioned above, the “Archive” option is not the same as the “Delete” option – “Delete” removes your books permanently from your device and from the cloud, so if you want to read your books again later, pay close attention to them archive.

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