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Change the DNS settings (Mac)


1. Click the Apple menu and select “System Preferences”. You change the DNS server; This is the server that translates the addresses of web pages so you can connect with them.
  • OpenDNS changes the DNS settings in your router to redirect your requests. If you change the DNS settings in your operating system, these changes overwrite the DNS settings of your router and thus effectively bypass OpenDNS. This does not work if your router has been configured to block all DNS queries except OpenDNS on port 53.
2. Select “Network” in the “System Settings”.

  • It may be that you can not access it if you do not have admin rights.
3. Click on your active connection. It usually displays a green dot.
4. Click the Advanced button.
5. Click the “DNS” tab.

6. Click on the “+” button. This allows you to add new DNS servers. There are several DNS servers that are publicly available. If you have trouble connecting yourself to one, try another. Be sure to enter both primary and secondary addresses

7. Remove your old DNS servers. If you already have DNS servers in the list, delete them so your computer first connects to the new DNS servers.
8. Try to open a web page. If you changed the DNS settings, you should be able to connect to a blocked web page. If you change your DNS settings in Windows, this overwrites all the DNS settings in your router.

  • If you can not connect, try it with a different DNS Provider

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