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Convince your parents to buy you an iPhone

Asking your parents to buy you an iPhone is a big deal: the smartphone itself can be very expensive, and another contract plus any additional costs for using your data in addition to your own can increase the costs to unimaginable heights. In addition, your parents may also wonder if you can use a smartphone responsibly. Before you ask your parents for this great favor, you must first show them that you can take responsibility and they can trust you. The conversation with your parents should also be strategically planned, so you can increase your chances of getting an iPhone.

Part. 1 Show responsibility to your parents

1. Keep an eye on your current mobile phone. If you tend to constantly break or lose expensive gear, your parents may not be thrilled to waste even more on an expensive iPhone. You’ll spend a few weeks or even months changing that before you even ask your parents.
If you already own a cell phone, you should keep a close eye on it. If you lose it all the time, your parents will remember it when you ask them for a better model.

2. Take care of all your expensive belongings. This also applies to all your other electronic devices, such as your game consoles, iPod, tablet and / or computer. Bring order into chaos, clean the equipment regularly and protect it from dirt and liquids. Always put your laptop in a protective case and avoid eating or drinking at the laptop.
Also be careful when dealing with jewelry, watches and other expensive accessories. For example, if you recently lost those expensive earrings that you got for Christmas, your parents will assume that you can not handle expensive stuff (even an iPhone!).

3. Complete tasks immediately. Your parents notice when you do your household chores without their intervention. If you do housework on a regular basis, this will take you a step further in terms of iPhone.
By completing tasks quickly and without complaints – and perhaps even showing the will to do more in the home – you’ll show your parents that you take your responsibility seriously and really want to help them out.

4. Improve your grades. Although an iPhone can also be used as a learning tool (more on that later), your parents could also worry that the iPhone distracts you from learning. Before you ask your parents if they can buy you an iPhone, honestly look at your academic achievements.
If you are a little weak, spend this semester (or the next semester) polishing up your grades. Make an appointment with a guidance teacher to determine where your strengths and weaknesses are and how to improve your grades.

5. Consider taking private tuition. Maybe you have the opportunity to apply for free tutoring at your school. Also, if you (or your parents) have to pay money for it, it’s still for a purpose:
You get better at school and show your parents that you take your training seriously.

6. Think about accepting a job. Part of your persuasion strategy might be to help your parents fund the iPhone. Of course you need your own money for that.
As long as your parents agree, you should think about working part-time after school or on weekends. Check with supermarkets, shops, and / or restaurants nearby for help.
Advertise and advertise your services as a tutor, babysitter or tidewater, or sell home-made handicrafts or baked goods.

7. Act responsibly with your money. As soon as your business makes a little money, the temptation is certainly great to spend it on new clothes, video games or cinema. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a little luxury every now and then, but remember, you have a bigger goal in mind.
Whether it’s self-earned money, pocket money, or gifts (thank you, Grandma, for the birthday money!), Show your parents that you’re able to save money and divide well.

8. Set a budget and stick to it. Take a little time to write down how much money you earn on a weekly / monthly basis and what you have to spend on fixed costs. Then you should stick to your budget.
It also means that every once in a while you have to skip the pizza with friends, but you finally have a goal in mind.
By adhering to your financial plan, you develop discipline and focus. Soon you will be able to convince your parents that you will be able to help them with the financing of the iPhone and the contract.

Part. 2 Prepare for the conversation
1. Determine how much the iPhone costs. Before you sit down with your parents, see how much you currently have to spend on an iPhone. Take a look at which provider your parents are and which contract they have signed up and then go online to find out about the costs.
It may be that the iPhone will not cost so much or is free, depending on the terms of the contract. 
Nevertheless, in addition to the existing contract costs, your parents may have to spend 50 euros more on a new smartphone, which amounts to 600 euros per year. It’s not really about how much more or less it costs, but about understanding how much your parents are paying at the moment and what another monthly financial burden an iPhone could have on your parents.
2. Prove that you can take responsibility. So you’ve spent the last few weeks or months being more responsible with your time, your money, and your belongings, nice to you! I hope your parents noticed that too. You now have the opportunity to show them how responsible you can act.
Show them your last half-year report or graded exams or assignments.
Collect your payslips and bank statements.
Add a copy of your financial plan so your parents can see how much you can contribute to the iPhone.
Put all these documents in a folder that you can then present to your parents.
3. Ask your parents if they have time to talk. It is important to choose a suitable place and time for the conversation. Convince them of how serious you are and improve your chances of getting a positive response. 
Instead of taking your parents by surprise after a long day at work, try this: “Mum, dad, I’ve spent a lot of time on the benefits of an iPhone, and I think I’m adult and responsible enough to have one. I have prepared a proposal and would like to discuss it with you this weekend. “
You will probably wonder what new, adult person is standing in front of them and that is a good sign for you!
Part. 3 Make your request
1. Explain how to use the iPhone to organize your life. If your parents agree to listen to you, you should explain to them how an iPhone can be of use. One of the most useful features of the iPhone is pre-installed organizational and productivity tools, such as the calendar.
Explain how to use the calendar to keep track of class schedules, working hours, and extracurricular activities. Explain how your parents can send you event information that will appear on your calendar. 
2. Argue that you will use your iPhone as an aid to your homework. The iPhone is basically a portable computer that gives you access to all kinds of sources on the Internet. With an iPhone in your pocket, you have instant access to libraries, teachers and other references.
Make it clear to your parents that you have all sorts of useful features in your hands, such as free dictionary and encyclopedia apps, and easy access to your school website.
It’s also an advantage to show your parents a list of these educational apps. Have the App Store ready on your laptop or computer, or ask a friend to loan your or her iPhone for presentation.
3. Let your parents know that you exercise caution while chatting or surfing. It may be that your parents have already heard about alarming statistics, for example, from a recent study that showed that every third adolescent has sent nude photos and half of them have been asked to. The study also states that adolescents who are “sexten” (sexually transmitted messages) are sexually more active than other peers. 
Assure your parents that you will not misuse your smartphone to send messages with sexual content or shoot lewd photos of you, and promise them that you will contact them immediately as soon as you feel threatened by someone in this regard.
4. Promise your parents that you do not go to bed with your iPhone. You’ll be worried that your iPhone will make you “addicted” and stay awake to surf the Internet or write messages.
Research has shown that sleep can be affected by a nearby smartphone, which can lead to depression.Agree to turn your phone off at night and put it down in another room. The iPhone can also be used as an alarm clock, but you should rather use a conventional alarm clock.
5. Promise them not to overdo it. It may be that your contract has an SMS Flat and your parents will think that you are just hanging on the phone and exchanging messages with friends the whole time.
This can make you feel alienated from your family and suffer from your communicative skills.
Make sure your parents are willing to set aside the phone at dinner or during their time together, and that you will not be distracted by text messaging while learning.
6. Allow your parents to “spy on you” a bit. They will more likely allow you to own an iPhone if they are allowed to use the parental controls in the phone. 
These features allow your parents to see how much time they spend on their mobile phone, what sites they visit on the Internet, and more.
You’ll probably want to let it spread if you allow them to locate you using GPS and understand where and with whom you’re traveling.
7. Let them know how grateful you will be to them for this favor. 
After you have submitted your application, try the following: “Dear parents, I know, I ask a lot of you, especially that you trust me. I will not disappoint you if you give me a chance, and I will really appreciate it. “
8. Give your parents time to think about it. It may be that your parents need some time to think about it and want to talk privately again. It will not help you much to ask for an immediate decision. 
Let her know that you are ready to wait for the answer. “Thank you for listening to me. Do you still need a little time to think about it? “
9. Be prepared for a discharge. You’ve gone to great lengths to convince your parents to trust you with an iPhone. You are very hopeful. But still, they may say no.
You yourself have found a lot of reasons to own an iPhone, but your parents certainly have a slightly different view of things. Ask them to justify their decision. When they are ready, you may be able to take away their fears and doubts and change their minds. 
10. Make a counter offer. Avoid arguing or freaking with them when they reject you. Instead, make a counter offer.
Your parents might go into it if you would take an iPhone 5 instead of the latest iPhone 6.
But maybe they also think that after a few weeks or months you will become careless. Suggest a test run on an iPhone. If you notice after a while that it affects you negatively, you can give the iPhone back.
11. Respect your final decision. If your parents are absolutely not persuaded, suggest re-thinking the case in the near future, and leave it alone.
You can improve your chances of getting an iPhone if you wait a few months and do not sulk or complain.
12. Keep your word. If your parents have agreed – congratulations! Now all you have to do is fulfill all the promises you made.
For example, if you promised to turn off the phone every night at 9 o’clock, then do it! Do not think that your parents will miss it if you still look at the phone at 10 or 11, even if they are already in bed.

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