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Create a booklet in Word

Word 2007 has a lot of powerful tools for printing booklets. Whether you print it yourself or upload it to the website of a professional printer, you can do most of the work in Word 2007. Just follow the tips below so you can quickly create a professional booklet as a PDF.

Method. 1 Using templates

1. Find a professional template for a booklet and download it.
Conduct a search for a template that meets your needs on a professional website such as Microsoft, Save Word Templates, or Word Template Online. Selecting the appropriate template for the job reduces the number of changes that must be made to the template from the outset.
For example, if you use save-word templates, a lot of files will appear.

2. Customize the template.
Some fields in the template should be customized to suit the user’s purposes, such as the name of the product, the deadline, and the title of the task. Where the format allows you to change the font, text format, color scheme, or paper layout, adjust it according to the preferences of the user.
It may be that you sometimes find that some clauses are too restrictive or that entire articles are not transferable to the user’s situation. These parts may be deleted, but you must ensure that they do not affect the validity and structure of the entire agreement.

3. Save the template for the booklet.
Let’s take as an example the booklet for a business plan to get started. After entering the name of the company, the contact information and other data, click on the “Save” button. If you are saving in Microsoft Word format, just go to “File”> “Save as”.
After saving, further changes can easily be made via “Find and replace”. However, using the saved template makes it easier to automatically adjust the document by entering all the user-specific data and updating the entire booklet.

4. Use the saved template.
For example, if the booklet being created is a newspaper or magazine, it will save a lot of time if you’ve already pre-filled things and then go through them one at a time to make sure it’s correct.
Saved templates can be used at any time to customize your booklet and print. Go to “File”> “Print” or press Ctrl + P in Word to print your booklet. With “File”> “Print”> “Print Preview” you get a preview of your booklet. Templates are documents created by experts who may not be software developers. However, they make the work easier and faster, because the user can focus on the important data and leave the formatting of the template.

Method. 2 With MS Word

1. Make sure you’re in the “Print Preview” view. At the bottom of Word 2007, you have a few options for viewing your document. Click the Print Layout option to see your margins and page breaks.

2. Fix the edges. In the band, click Page Layout> Margins> Eng. You can set up your margins to any size, but Eng is a good start.

3. Clean up formatting artifacts. Remove extra spaces that can be eliminated by inserting hyphens or aligning the text. Look through the document to make sure your text looks the way you want it to and remove any blanks you find.

4. Choose the printing options for the booklet. The pages of the booklet are not always printed in the same order as the pages are viewed. For example, you can print your booklet on 11 x 17 paper to get four pages on one sheet (two pages on the front and two on the back). Go to the Office button> Print> Print Preview.

5. Set the paper size. In the volume, under Page Setup, click Size and choose Small Size. You can use other paper sizes, but in this example we want to print two pages on one sheet of paper.

6. Set the page orientation and other details. Select the Page Setup as Orientation orientation button and select Pages> Multiple Pages as “2 Pages per Sheet”.

7. Print your booklet! In our example, we print a PDF file so that we can review our work or upload it to a brochure printing service. Depending on the installed software you can either print as PDF or save as PDF. We save as PDF. Just go to the Office button> Save as> PDF or XPS.

8. Publish the document. Make sure the PDF is optimized for “default” so your images will not be compressed. Give the booklet a name and then click Publish.

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