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Hide apps on an iPhone


1. Go to the home screen. To do this, press the Home button, which is located on the front of your iPhone below the screen.

2. Hold down an app that you want to put in a folder. Hold it down until all apps on the screen start to wobble.

3. Drag the app to another. Choose an app that you would like to have in the same folder.
Drag an app to the edge of the screen to move it to another screen.
Grouping similar apps, such as photos and camera, into folders is a great way to clean up your iPhone’s home screen.

4. Label the folder. Touch the  on the right side of the text box above the folder to clear it. Then enter the label you prefer.
Your iPhone proposes a caption based on the apps it contains, such as “Games” or “Taking Pictures.” You can just leave them in the box if you want.

5. Add more apps to the folder. Drag it to the folder.
The number of apps you can put into a folder varies by iOS version. iOS 10 allows 135 apps per folder.
You can not nest folders.

6. Press the home button. The apps will stop shaking and your folders will appear on the home screen (s).

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