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Hide apps on Android

1. Method Turn off pre-installed apps

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Tap Applikationen. If your Settings menu contains headlines, you’ll need to tap the “Devices” heading first.

3. Tap Applikationen Manager.

4. Touch the “All” tab.

5. Touch the app you want to hide.

6. Tap Ausschalten. This should hide your app from your home screen.
If the app in question is not a pre-installed app, this option may instead be “Uninstall”.
You’ll find your apps turned off in the “Disabled” section of the Apps menu.

2. Method App hiding apps

1. Open the Google Play Store.

2. Touch the magnifying glass icon.

3. Enter the name of a third-party launcher.

4. Tap Los.

5. Look through your search results. You should choose a well rated app with many reviews.

6. Touch the selected app.

7. Tap Installierenor Kaufenon. This is in the upper right section of your screen. [2]You may need to confirm this step if your app is not free.

8. Tap Akzeptieren, if prompted. Once you’ve done that, download your app.

9. Tap Öffnen. This option should be available on the Google Play Store when your app is done downloading.
You can also open your app from the Apps tray.

10. Follow the instructions of your app on the screen. Since launcher apps differ, your process varies.
For example, App & Widget Fächerat Nova Launcher, you tap , then Apps verbergenand then the apps you want to hide.

  • Apex Launcher, on the other hand, requires you to Apex Einstellungentap, then Fach-Einstellungenand then Verborgene Apps, before tapping the appropriate apps.

11. Close your launcher. Your selected apps should now be hidden.

  • The “Applications” tab in Settings may also be called “Apps” on some operating systems.
  • warnings
  • Third-party launcher can slow down your phone significantly.

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