MILE MARKER 2: 11-2-14 (weigh-in tomorrow morning)
This is not a weight loss blog. Nor is it a fitness, hype, motivation site. I’m trying to understand my own relationship to food, my body, and how I treat it. More about how I’m learning to treat it better, with love and respect. Men have a hard time being gentle towards ourselves. We’re either 100% on or we’ve failed. If we’re carrying a few extra pounds, we’ve either failed or we’ve given up. I think I had given up in some respects. But a few years ago I started exercising a lot more, as part of my overall fitness and health (physical and mental) program.

MILE MARKER 1: 10-6-14: weight 242.6 (WHAT?)
Well, that’s a bit more where I thought I would be starting. But I didn’t do anything radical to get here.  (-7 pounds!!) I stopped 100% of my conscious sugar intake. (see Losing My Path) I kept walking or playing tennis every day, except Saturday, when I was feeling bad. I drank primarily water. And I had zero late-night snacks, except for ice cold apples. (3 times) And my only snack food was a handful of Planters Healthy Mix nuts, whenever I was feeling a salt craving or a blood sugar drop. That’s it. Wow. I wish there were some way to keep this momentum. But I know that when the easy weight comes off, it goes back on easily too. I’m happy. Hopeful. And very encouraged.


And now to start right away, today’s weigh-in. YIKES! I just had lunch, I don’t want to do this.

START HERE: 9-30-14: weight 249.6
(Oh man, that’s worse than I thought. Glad I’m starting today.)

And my toolkit today.

  • Nike Fuelband for a watch and motivation. (am I doing enough each day?)
  • RunKeeper app for my walks. (distance, time, pace)
  • Notepad for inventorying my intake. (what am I actually eating?)
  • Digital scale
  • iPhone
  • Withings Blood Pressure Cuff
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