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Time To Get Radical About Fitness and Health?

Okay, 90 days is a pretty good chunk of time. And… I’m slightly sad to report that my progress has not been the downward sizing spiral weight loss that I had hoped for. But then again… I didn’t really go for radical changes in my lifestyle or diet. Let’s recap the last three months of 2014.

  • I cleaned up what I was eating.
  • I started listening to why I was snacking or bingeing on sweets or salty snacks (reveal: most often it was not hunger but a craving).
  • I committed to the process of reframing my self-image in 100% positive affirmations. (still working on this one).
  • I examined my portions and old hard-wired programming to clean my plate.
  • I maintained a pretty good track record of exercise, though my 5-times a week slipped a bit in Dec. as the weather made outdoor fitness challenging.
  • I slipped a few times (of course I did) and promptly started again with the next morning’s coffee.
  • I almost completely eliminated fast food, packaged foods, and added sugar from my diet. (I say almost, because my son has a hankering for Taco Bell that I occasionally indulge, and I occasionally partake.)
  • I began to notice the small victories right away. I didn’t feel bloated much at all. My pants fit a bit looser.
  • I appreciated the feeling of mastery that comes from taking conscious charge of my program, even when I decided to vary from that plan or go off-plan completely for a meal.
  • I can count the desserts I’ve had in those three months on exactly one hand. (2 of those were unplanned ice cream slips, the other 3 were Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, Christmas pumpkin pie, and a piece of birthday cake at a friend’s party) Amazing to be able to recall and know that I was in control.

All good stuff. All steps along the journey, that will last a lifetime, now that I understand the process. You can’t go back to eating like a teenager, except in small doses. But you really don’t want to feel that way either.

So what’s next? There are a number of ways I could step things up radically in 2015, and I’m currently chatting with some people about which route to take. I promise to give you all the scoop as I get the information and make the choices that are right for me.

I am ready to get a bit more radical about my fitness and specifically the reduction of my belly fat. (And hey if that reduces my love handles at the same time… woo hoo!) Here are a few of the things I’m considering.

  • Working with a coach or a trainer. (What about both?)
  • Giving Bulletproof Coffee a try.
  • Fasting or cleansing for brief periods of time.
  • Going vegetarian or at least more paleo.
  • Doing a nutritional evaluation – to see if I’m missing some easy opportunities.
  • Taking BEFORE pictures as a motivational tool. (I think we have a hard time seeing ourselves.)

What’s worked for you in the past? What radical changes are you willing to make to reach your goals? And more importantly, what are you goals. Let’s see, I think I need to examine those again as well.

2015 Q1 Goals (let’s revisit these once every three months)

  1. Lose belly fat.
  2. Increase strength and muscle mass to up my burn rate.
  3. Find an indoor alternative sport so that I have options when the weather sucks (like this morning).
  4. Find a long-term relationship.

I know that last one isn’t a fitness goal, but it’s a motivational goal, so it stays.

There you have it. I’m resetting in 2015. I’ve had a great year, but I’m ready to take my fitness to the next level. What are your plans for your diet, health, and fitness in the new year? What can you start today?

Take the next step,

John McElhenney

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Wrapping Up 2014 and Putting Bill Murray on the Job

Well, things have certainly changed a bit since I started this blog. And things have stayed the same.

Here are some of my wins.

  • I’ve lost about 9 pounds since starting. And have not gained ANY during the holiday months. Oct – Dec.
  • I am extremely conscious of all sugar intake. Even relatively benign treats like low-fat yoghurt have a ton of sugar. Added sugar is the worst, but sugar is sugar in the end.
  • I have a slightly less harsh self-image. I am happy with my progress and happy with my resolution and will power.

And a few of my “still needs work” items.

  • I intentionally avoided any extreme dieting, and thus my progress has not been as rewarding as it might have been had I gone pure-paleo or something. I’m okay with this. But in 2015 I’m going to try a few new things.
  • My exercise has been consistent but has not really moved the needle like I thought it might. I’ve been consistently working out 3 – 5 times a week. I’m considering adding some running in with my walking. And perhaps adding a bit of strength training would be helpful to raise my muscle mass.
  • I’ve slipped into laziness this month. I’ve been very disciplined with desserts, but they have never *really* been my problem. Fresh salty tortilla chips have been one of my go to snacks. Ooops. I have been out of low-salt organic almonds all Dec. I need to take care of that.
  • I’d like to see a more significant weight loss and I assume that means working a bit harder at my program. I’m considering doing a few videos with local trainers and coaches who have offered their advice.
In 2015 I’m going to continue to visit with myself about my diet, my fitness and wellness (they are two interrelated but different things), and my self-image.

Overall, I’ve been working my FitbyTech program since October, and my Nike Fuelband would show only a few periods of low activity. I’ve been challenged by tasty foods and sweets that my kids like. At the same time I’ve kept a very positive attitude and even allowed myself to binge for a moment and not given myself any grief over it. So much of my life experience has been trash talking myself. I’m over that. There are goals I would like to hit in 2015, but I’m taking the loving approach.

It’s as if I were to choose the internal trainer I’d like to have with me. Rather than the drill sergeant in Stripes I’d like to imagine Bill Murray as my internal voice. And look at Bill Murray, he’s not the fittest or most attractive guy on the planet, but he sure seems happy.

In 2015 I’m going to continue to visit with myself about my diet, my fitness and wellness (they are two interrelated but different things), and my self-image. In bringing these ideas to light I am hopeful I can continue to improve in all three areas of my physical and mental life.

Take the next step,

John McElhenney

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image: bill murray promo shots from Stripes, creative commons usage