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My Simple Health Plan

FIRST: Eat better. As a trend, habit, lifestyle, take the almond over the Oreo. The crisp and delicious organic apple over the boxed snack.

SECOND: Eat less. It’s fine to eliminate sugar and unnatural additives, but you’ve also got to eat less of what you do eat. I’m not sure I could OD on bananas or apples, but I’m certain I won’t lose weight eating the same amount of chicken, just because it’s organic and not deep-fried. Portion control is a thing. Just start smaller. The check-in. “Still hungry? How about an apple next?”

THIRD: More movement. 5 days a week is great, but I’ve got to up the intensity a bit too. And some days I’ll go for a second walk. Like yesterday, I walked 2 miles to dinner and back. It was still a nice dinner, but it gave me a little boost in both directions and made my Nike Fuelband do it’s GOAL dance.

I know how my body can feel. I am happy with the way it has responded to my renewed commitment to getting in shape.

Those are the large tectonic shifts I’m looking for. Add a few ongoing details like water as my main beverage, and nutritional supplements, and you’ve got my entire plan.

Oh wait, I got the message this afternoon while I was doing my cardio tennis workout. I was wondering what I was going to say to a friend about how it’s going. And I got the main message, my main goal of this whole process. (Pause, it’s a bit woo woo.)

I’m learning to listen to and respect my body in a new way. Where in the past I have been angry with myself, gotten down on my lack of willpower, I am turning that around to the positive side. My rational program is about loving myself more. Loving all the wild fluctuations I am, in my energy, my eating, my creative jolts, everything. And even my love handles. I’m loving them away, if I have any success with my self-directed plan, but I’m loving them even still.

I am not trying to diet my way into a more datable man. That’s an end goal, I have on my play, but it’s over all diet and not dieting that is the key to staying with my new agenda. And this isn’t a short-term program either. I’m not ever going back to lazy snacking and unhealthy weekend binges. Why would I?

I know how my body can feel. I am happy with the way it has responded to my renewed commitment to getting in shape. It’s not all going to drop off in 30 days. But I am creating a lifestyle and a habit of eating and exercising that will serve me well in to the second half of my life.

EASY. Eat better. Eat less. Exercise more. Drink water.

Take the next step,

John McElhenney