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The Great Sugar Conspiracy: An Open Letter to Food Should Taste Good

DEAR FTSG (aka General Mills):

I know you’re thinking I’ve gone off the deep end with conspiracy theories and such, but hear this. Sugar is being packaged and sold to us as health food. Well, in health food. It seems if like the organic marketers think if they put words like cane, and pure, even organic, in front of the word SUGAR they are somehow giving it an uplift.

This is going to spoil my chances at becoming a Food Should Taste Good blogger, but here goes.

This bag of chips looks healthy enough. In fact, the premise of the entire company is healthy, whole, ingredients. Even the bag looks healthy.


But somewhere, not hidden at all, inside the ingredients list is this.


There it is, just below Flax Seeds and above Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, and Quinoa. But flipping the bag over, it strangely enough, doesn’t list sugar on the front of the bag, but it does list those other seeds.


But they’re not selling the value of sugar, they are selling the value of organic ingredients and “good taste” at any cost. I guess, that’s the idea. Their branding speaks otherwise, as if they are looking out for us by using whole ingredients. And yes, I suppose “cane sugar” is a whole ingredient, but is it necessary in a chip, for good taste?

Or is it something about the addictive qualities of sugar, that makes these chips even more irresistible than they would be if they also had a promotional benefit, “contains no added sugar.” I’m not sure. But I’m sure that it was hard not to keep eating these chips, after my first 10.

And guess what, 10 chips is the recommended serving, so let’s look into that for a second. According to the bag, a recommended serving of the chips is around 10 chips, or 1 oz of chips. Guess how much sugar is in 10 chips? It’s a nice round number: 1 gram.  So here on this nicely packaged bag of very environment, organic, koshur, conscious chips, we have 24 grams of sugar to go along with our 24 oz. of chips. WHAT?

I’m sorry, that’s not reasonable. I mean, it’s reasonable if you’re Nabisco or General Mills, but the entire platform of Good Food is the health benefits. And guess what? CANE SUGAR is added to every single product they make.

I guess that’s what makes it taste so good. But at what cost?


I’ve sent my question to Good Food via Twitter, I’ll update you on their response. I did not submit my name or blog as an influencer. (grin)

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 1.46.57 PM

Seriously, there is NO reason for cane sugar to be in every chip they make, unless they are partially owned by a sugar manufacturer, or corporate farm entity. They are so anti-GMO that seems unlikely, but what gives? What’s the conspiracy?

I put a chip clip on the bag when I put it back in the pantry. I was tempted to put the entire, expensive bag of “cookies” in the trash. I guess I still can, even as they are calling me back for more right now.

Take the next step,

John McElhenney

I encourage you to ask the about their #sugar agenda on their social channels. Let’s take this social. What’s up with your addiction to sugar?

FTSG Chips

Update: Still no word from FTSG, but in their privacy statement I found this little slip.  Either a left over remnant of a copy and paste from the General Mills site, or we’ve uncovered a bit more of the Sugar Conspiracy.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 6.36.16 PM

Leading to this little gem of information:

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 6.41.48 PM