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Never Stop, Never Give Up! Getting Fit with a Friend!

It’s no accident that I’ve been silent here on my “fitness” blog. (Last post, Jan 7, 2015) It’s been a busy and rough few months since January. I’ve got a lot to share. I’ll start with my two biggest WINS and catch up on the other stuff in future posts.


A training partner will make all the difference in your life.


A love partner will make all the difference in your life.

Now the fact that I was able to combine these two amazing requirements into one partner, well… I’m blessed beyond belief. And maybe it was this blog that had something to do with it. See, she’s a fitness fanatic. Every night it’s the same question, “Are we going for our walk?” No matter how frickin hot it is here in Texas, she’s always asking. I’m always answering, “Of course. ¿Como no? Let’s go!”

That was the goal. Getting comfortable with my body, using smart workouts and smart eating as a tool to shed some unwanted baggage.

And she’s got an added bonus that is related to her fitness. She eats very little and what she does eat is pretty damn paleo. Very few carbs make their way into my diet courtesy of this amazing love interest. Sure, she’s taken my heart by storm, by exercise, by feeding me, and by… well, let’s keep some things private.

One of the first debunks she helped me with was this whole notion of Bulletproof Coffee. In general the idea is sound, in practice it’s a bit more like the Atkin’s diet. Sure you can do it. But bacon isn’t really the healthiest thing you can be eating.

I’ve recently returned to a modified super coffee by simply adding some coconut (oil, grated, paste) to my morning coffee. I am no longer adding butter. And I’m not really trying to skip a meal. But I am noticing that the blood sugar drop associated with high coffee consumption is gone. I can eat breakfast an hour later when I’m hungry, or skip it until lunch.

Right now I’m working in my living room, anticipating the kids summer wakeup time and eventual request for “breakfast.” And I’ve had my 2 cups with some coconut manna added, and I’m feeling not only energized, but calm and smoothe as well.

I’m not that interested in a “weigh in” as my GF calls it. Sure, I can be certain I’ve lost a good bit of weight since January, but it’s less about that and more about how I look and how I feel.

I’m noticing myself in the mirror a bit more. I’m not always grabbing for a shirt before walking around the house. I’m seeing myself in my Skype calls for business, looking quite svelt. And I’m enjoying the feedback and comments from my GF as well as casual friends who ask about how I’m looking so happy and so fit.

Again, that was the goal. Getting comfortable with my body, using smart workouts and smart eating as a tool to shed some unwanted baggage. I’ve not obsessed over any of it, but I have maintained a very steady approach to eating less fat, less sugar, and more lean protean. I’ve been cooking with my uber-GF and learning how to make healthier food that even my kids love.

Most of all, I’ve learned to love the progress, the process, and the slow and steady improvement in my fitness and stamina. I still can’t run up the 1.5 mile hill outside my front door, but I can run down it on the way back from my 4.3 mile loop. By August I’ll be running the whole thing, yes, even in the Texas Summer. I’ll just go at 6am.

Blessings and optimistic results for you.

Take the next step,

John McElhenney

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Friends Along the Path and Chocolate Birthday Cake

WHAT? It’s one of my closest friend’s birthdays. And though I don’t really want to break my sugar fast, I know I am about to. I’ve been drinking only water and eating rather purely, and here comes the chocolate mousse cake. Damn. Before I have a chance to object it’s in front of me with a handy spoon lovingly provided. People are either on the path with you or they are unaware of what you are working on in your life. It’s okay either way. But when the cake arrived, I could’ve made a stand, I could’ve refused and told the story of my new blog to this group of close friends, but… They’re already a bit overwhelmed by my social output, so I ate the cake. It was delicious. And the next morning I hopped back on my fast. Easy.

I want to acknowledge a few friends who are instrumental in my growth and progress. These folks lovingly push me to be better, eat better, live better. We need our friends on the path. That’s part of what this blog is about. Connecting each other on the journey to wellness and health. Here are my top champions and supporters.

My Friends Along the Path

+++ Andrew Long

A 15-year friend and brother. Andrew really pushed me over the line on several of the courses of action that led to this blog in the first place. He’s always challenging my eating habits, fitness, and general life plan. In fact, a conversation I had with Andrew actually kicked my ass into action, and this version of FitbyTech was launched within hours.

I was talking about a post I’d written on another blog, where I described myself as a car. Andrew was quick to ask, “What kind of car did you pick?”

“I’m my current car, a classic 10-year old BMW with a little body damage.”

And his gestalt came immediately. “John, I want to challenge you, once more to take charge of your body image. What would your life be like if you lost 50 lbs?”

“Um…” And I launched this site within a few hours. I had actually purchased the domain a year and a half earlier, again on the push from Andrew about eating healthy.

[Contact Andrew @ Ultralifecoach.com]

+++ Sharron Watts

Sometimes a partner can see things about you that you can’t see about yourself. Sharron showed me how it felt to be truly appreciated and cared for. She provides love, support, food, and encouragement. And she has been one of my staunchest reflectors. We’re both on this food-to-health path and Sharron is the person who turned me on to the Whole 30 concept. She’s also a blogger who digs into her feelings and shares the hard truths. And Sharron has always been able to call me out when I’m not being authentic. “Um, I’m not sure I’m following you on that statement. Can you say it again?”

+++ Nancy Eldridge

Sometimes in life, when things are really hard we need people to touch and heal us. Nancy and I have known each other for 20+ years and she has provided body work for me in all those years. As someone who really knows my body better than anyone else, Nancy has always been able to intuitively dig into both the muscle and sinew as well as the heart of what was going on for me. Her constant support has involved questions about yoga, nutrition, pure water consumption, and years of “touch” healing. Massage is one of the most amazing things you can do for your body. Nancy has always been able to pierce me and nurture me at the same time. To this day I still get massages and I think, “Wow, that was the best massage I’ve ever had.” That is amazing. [email Nancy]

Even though this blog is “byTech” it’s really about friends and countrymen. Without the social connection, I don’t think I would be as motivated. Of course the writing is the thing that will heal and change my life. As I grow and understand more about what makes my body tick, I’ll gain better discipline about how I train, feed, and heal myself.

There are always more friends on the path ahead.

Take the next step,

John McElhenney

image: morning train in nyc, a friend, creative commons usage