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The Big Organic Myth

I’m not sure how many bananas it would take to get sick, but I know there’s a lot of sugar in a banana.

I believe that organic farming is the future of our sustainable future. But big organic, or corporate coopting of organic as a”brand” is a problem. When General Mills and Dole buy organic farms and simply absorb them into the corporate assembly line of big organic, they often lose some of what made them philosophically organic, and they begin to resemble their corporate owners, just carving back the pesticides and inhumane processes just enough to remain being labeled as organic.

In the same way, organic food products shout their ORGANIC greatness to us on every box side. And yet, my cereal this morning, when I looked at the ingredients, seemed a more like suped-up Frosted Flakes than health food. 10 GRAMS of sugar? Why?

sugars-organic And I should have put the box back in the pantry, but… I was lazy. And I ate it anyway.

This is a cereal that my daughter has grown fond of. And when I first got it for her, I was happy she had chosen something healthy. She’s been vacillating between being a vegetarian and not for over a year now. And I’m 100% in support of her efforts, and we always plan ahead so she has plenty to eat for dinner.

Even though a quick run down of the ingredients show a lot of great organic parts and pieces, it is clear this is not really health food. It’s organic (big organic) junk food. Yes, it’s possible to go completely ORGANIC and still eat a lot of crap.

Today I made a lazy decision to eat this “very tasty indeed” cereal that looks great on the packaging. Yes, I’m in marketing and branding, so I know what they are doing. It’s fine. But it’s not healthy. It’s technically organic, but from the ingredients all the way to the cardboard box, it’s not all that good for you.

In my case, the challenge is to go for less sugar. Even the natural sugar in the things I do eat. I’m not sure how many bananas it would take to get sick, but I know there’s a lot of sugar in a banana.

And I’ve been told so many times that I need to stop drinking milk, that I no longer hear any of the suggestions. Oh, I try them from time to time, Almond Milk, Soy Milk, all “organic.” But I’m either too stubborn, or uneducated to learn what’s bad about my organic non-fat milk. Well, except for the 6 grams of sugar. But I can deal with that at the moment. I’ll just keep putting less of it in my coffee.  Time to read the Milk 101 post. It says they put a lot of crap in all “low-fat” products, and most of it’s bad for us. Even the organic folks, who are just business people after all, are feeding us a lot of sugar and other things that aren’t good for us. Sure, evaporated cane juice is better than corn syrup, but not by much.

I can’t even eat sugar-free gum any more. (frown) Back to the basics: whole foods, water, and … coffee with some organic milk (for now).

Take the next step,

John McElhenney

Aside: Oh well, there go my sponsorship opportunities from the organic food industry.