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Winter Wellness Question: To Tea or Not to Tea?

Looking for a warm beverage during a cold day I began experimenting with decaf coffee and various teas. I went to the store and grabbed a couple Keurig boxes without reading the ingredients. I mean, we’re talking tea and coffee, right?

Here’s what I learned after I spit out the first sip of the “chai latte.” (I didn’t notice the latte part, I thought it was chai tea.

First the chai tea I was familiar with from Twinnings.


Okay, that’s looking good. But the one that I bought on my recent run to get more… Um, a “latte…” was an entirely different beast. I was fooled by the packaging which looked very similar. I was so sure of what I was buying that I didn’t read the ingredients.


Yeah, well it’s got coconut oil, that’s good right?

The taste was more like ice cream than tea. How many different ways can they say sugar? (1. sugar, 2. glucose syrup, 3. modified food starch, 4. sucralose.) Not so yum. A couple phosphates and one dioxide, and I wasn’t in the mood.

In looking to get healthier we can trip into areas that look promising but are loaded with bad stuff.

My anti-desert willpower is strong. I skipped my daughter’s birthday cake and ice cream. I’m saving it for my pumpkin pie. But when I was invited to dinner with my mom and brother at a local tex mex restaurant… Well, let’s just say I had some chips and queso. I did stop after one chicken fajita knowing that I would be heading into stuffed land if I proceeded. An extra lap around the lake tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be amazing.

The holidays are for eating. But we can do a bit better by not over eating, and when given a choice, eating only the things we know are healthy. As the weather has turned cold it’s harder to get motivated to work out. And the cold weekend afternoon on Sunday called for a nap rather than a walk.

Get back up tomorrow and go after it again. And pumpkin pie on Thursday, after NOT gorging myself on turkey and extras.

Take the next step,

John McElhenney

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Holiday Belt Loosening Habits; Not This Year, Baby


Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 8.32.39 AMWhat are you eating for the holidays? Oh my. The chart above shows that of the 1.3 pounds average people will gain this year, half of that weight will be put on during the next six weeks.

Here’s what the article says.

Most people don’t gain weight overnight… it happens slowly, over years and decades. But the rate is uneven throughout the year and spikes dramatically during the holidays, a time when people tend to binge on all sorts of delicious holiday foods and eat much more than their bodies need.

The problem is that sometimes people don’t lose all the weight back. They might gain 3 pounds, but only lose 2 after the holidays are over, leading to slow and steady weight gain over time (11).

In fact, a large percentage of people’s lifetime weight gain can be explained just by the 6 week holiday period.

Crap. That’s amazing. I picked the right time this year to start my new program. I skipped right past the Halloween madness with great resolve. And I’m heading towards turkey-day with the same idea.  I’m going to have a piece of my favorite pumpkin pie. And that’s what I’m looking forward to on Thanksgiving day. And outside of that “reward” I am sticking to my plan. Sure I might have a snack or two, but the big holiday desserts and feasting is not going to be a part of my joyful season.

Gone are the afternoons trying to stay awake to watch the football because I’m so bloated and tired from the turkey and dressing. Nope. Let’s take this one season at a time. I’m starting now. And that 50% of my weight gain is going to be loss instead.

What are you going to do to keep from adding the holiday weight? The weather is colder, it’s harder to get motivated if you’re primary exercise is outdoors. I’ve got to keep getting creative about how to get moving and keep moving. And passing the peppermint ice cream night after night. Even a taste for me, would be a slip at this point. I am powerless over the holiday pink ice cream from local creamery, Blue Bell. My daughter craves it, so we’ve got a half gallon. But this year, it’s all hers.

I can imagine how much I love my pumpkin pie and that’s enough. I will admit the ice cream haunted me all night last night. I wanted a taste. I had an apple.

Take the next step,

John McElhenney

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