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Wellness Quest: It’s the Little Things and the Big Things

We all know that getting our vitamins and nutrition through whole foods is the best way to go. For those of us who know we’re not doing as well as we could there are supplements. And then there are the little things we can do to improve the foods we do eat.

The Little Things

  • Adding Flax and Bran to everything. Why not? It adds some crunch to my yogurt and organic breakfast flakes.
  • Drinking filtered water. Pure water is hard to find sometimes, but my ZERO WATER filter system is always around. And I take it with me sometimes when I know I’m going to be at a hotel for a few days. Water that tastes like pool water isn’t very nice and it’s actually really bad for you.
  • Parking at the outside edge of the lot. Walk a bit more. (Buying groceries might be the exception, if you’ have a ¬†lot to carry.)
  • Going for the lower-sugar alternative, always. But beware of artificial sweeteners as they may be worse for you than the sugar you are trying to avoid. (Yep, no more sugar-free gum, EVER!)
  • Buying organic produce and products when possible. Sure they are more expensive, but taking micro-doses of toxic chemicals out of your system is worth it.

The Big Things

  • One pint of ice cream isn’t going to wreck your health. 5 in a month might significantly impact it. If you’re going to binge on something sinful, make sure you commit to get back on your program. On frappacino may lead to your craving for another one tomorrow. If you slip down this slope, it might be best to never indulge in frappacinos.
  • Meats and fresh vegetables over grains and sweets. We never eat enough vegetables. And ORGANIC is the way to go here as well. Again, it’s worth the cost.
  • Watch for hidden sugar or even plain-sight sugar everywhere and reduce your consumption. I was in an organic grocery store last night with a craving for yogurt. I wanted to add my yogurt and oat bran mix back into my routine. But as I was browsing the endless varieties of “whole” “natural” “greek” “low-fat” “geuten free” yogurt I was hard pressed to find one without added sugar. And yes, pure cane sugar is better than corn syrup in theory, but it’s all sugar in the end. One “organic” brand of strawberry yogurt had 29 grams of sugar in one small cup! WHAT?
  • Get up and move, often. Yes, we sit too much. Yes, we don’t get enough exercise. Okay, so let’s use our fitbit/fuel/fitness tracker to actually motivate us to MOVE. In the course of my day I often move between two or three locations in my house. And I try to walk around a bit between large tasks. It’s always a good idea to exercise. The key is finding something you love to do. (For me that’s tennis and walking around a local lake with my tunes blazing.)

We’re all about finding the balance. It’s not ONE thing you do it’s a combination of all the LITTLE¬†and BIG things you do. Add a few more good things and subtract a few of the bad things. Then do it again.

2/3 of the way through November without a major slip. (I did buy and devour some light salt organic popcorn last night, but it was a reasonable splurge.) Give yourself the break your body needs by eliminating the toxic chemicals in your diet. Lower your sugar intake. And get up the next day and keep going, regardless of your results or expectations.

Yesterday I settled on some kind of high-protein and low-sugar yogurt. It had 11 grams of sugar for a single serving. Then when I got home I added my oat bran and ate a half a serving. DELICIOUS!

It’s not about hitting your goals, it’s about living a healthier life, continuously.

Take the next step,

John McElhenney

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