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Uninstall Babylon 9

If you have used standard installation options for Babylon 9, you may need to change the web browser homepage settings to completely uninstall Babylon 9.


1. Save and close websites and other Windows applications.

2. To quickly remove Babylon 9, click Start> Programs> Babylon; execute the item “Uninstall”.

3. Go to “Uninstall – Uninstall babylon from my computer” in the “babylon®” window. Wait.

4. Close the website “Babylon 9 Translation Software and Dictionary Tool” Restart your computer.

5. Click Start> Settings> Control Panel> Add or Remove Programs; start the option “Remove” for the listed element “Babylon Toolbar in IE”.

6. Click OK in the Babylon Toolbar Uninstall info window.

7. You should click No in the message “Yes to keep the current homepage and search engine settings, click No to restore the original settings.”

8. Wait and click on the button Close.
# Close this Babylon website again and restart the computer.

1. Check the home page settings for the Internet properties. Here you can choose the option “Use blank page”. Click Apply and then OK.
# Run Windows Internet Explorer to verify the changes made.

1. Run Mozilla Firefoz (if installed) and check the Home option.

2. In Firefox, click on the Tools menu, scroll down and go to the Add-ons section, then the Extensions section.

3. Launch the Remove option for the Babylon connected items to completely uninstall Babylon 9 or earlier.

4. Open Mozilla Firefox by selecting the “Restart Now” option.

5. Click on the search engine menu, scroll down and enter the info for “Manage search engine”.

6. Select the item “Search web (Babylon)”, click on the option Remove and click the button OK in the window “Manage search engine list”.

7. Run Firefox again to check it.

8. Search for and remove the remains of the Babylon 9 software in your system to completely remove it.

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