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Unlock a phone with a contract

One way to get phones at a cheaper price is to buy them directly from mobile operators; this is also called telephone with contract. Mobile operators offer these phones at very reasonable prices, which then have a contract that is associated with a restriction of the phone, so it works for a certain contracted time only with the network of these mobile operators. However, these phones can still be used in other networks. You just have to unlock it. Scroll down to Step 1 to see how it works.

Part. 1 Obtain a code to unlock

1. Get the IMEI of your phone. The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a unique 15-digit number assigned by the manufacturer to the phones for identification purposes. Dial with your phone’s dial * # 06 * and the phone’s IMEI will appear on the screen.
Write down this code.

2. Get a code to unlock. If you have the IMEI of your phone, you can get a code to unlock it. Such codes consist of eight digits and are used to eliminate the limitations of your contract phone. There are several websites where you can request a code to unlock. All you have to do is select the manufacturer and model of your phone from the list on the web page and enter the IMEI of your phone.
You’ll also need to provide an email address where they can send the code to unlock once they’ve processed your request.
A free website for unlocking phones is https://www.freeunlocks.com .

3. Get your emails. When your request has been processed, you will receive an email with the code from the website where you requested it. This usually takes a few days, depending on the selected page.

Part. 2 Unlock your phone with a unlock code

1. Turn off your phone. Press the power button either on top or on the side of the phone. His position is dependent on the manufacturer and model of the phone, but it is usually found at these locations.

2. Take the contract SIM card out of your phone. Removing the SIM cards depends on the manufacturer and model of the phone:
Some phones have the “hot swap” feature. This means that the SIM card can be removed from the phone without turning it off. Search for a slot along the sides of your phone. If you can see one, open it carefully. You should then be able to see the SIM card. To take them out, push them into the phone a little, then she jumps out a little bit. Examples of phones with this feature are iPhones and some LG and HTC Android Phones.
If your phone does not have the “Hot Swap” feature or you can not find a slot for the SIM card on the phone, it means that you can remove the SIM card by removing the back cover and removing the battery from the phone take. Turn off your phone. Find a notch, usually at the top or bottom of the phone, that you can use to lift the rear cover. If the cover is gone, remove the battery by looking at the arrows on the battery.

3. Exchange the contract SIM with another SIM card from another operator. Insert the SIM card instead of the contract SIM card that you just removed, then replace the battery and the back cover.

4. Turn on your phone. Press the on / off button and wait for the screen to turn on. Instead of the normal home screen, a screen appears where you have to enter a code.

5. Enter the code to unlock. Use the keyboard of your phone to type in the 8-digit unlock code. Press “Enter” or “OK” to enter the code.
A confirmation will appear on the screen informing you that the code has been accepted.
Your contract phone has been unlocked and can now be used with any operator.


Some sites offering codes to unlock require payment. First, research something about the website you are going to use to make sure it’s legitimate to avoid wasting money.
If a site requires payment, be very careful when providing your credit card or bank details. First check if the site is trustworthy or not.
The unlocking of phones that are still in the lock-up period, violates the contract of the network operator. This includes any warranty of the phone.

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